The basic principles of this concept are:

  • a higher degree of integration is achieved
  • minimisation of the reqired space
  • minimisation of the customer’s mounting work
  • minimisation of the purchasing expenditure,
    as one single supplier is responsible for a complete system
  • one supplier - one order
  • no intermediate storage, coordinated delivery of a
    complete tested system
  • improvement of the quality
  • low costs thanks to the omission of the previously needed
    additional printed circuit boards, plug connections and cables
  • cheaper solution as the present FR4- or polyamide solutions,
    as polyester is intended for the substrate/carrier material
  • better utilisation of the existent space, more space for additional
    printed boards, thus a higher degree of integration of the overall
    system is possible.

The FoilTronic®-series listed below have already been developed and are at your disposal. Apart from the advantages described above, they offer some special features.

FoilTronic® COG:
With integrated LCD-display. Conventional dust protection solutions
are not needed, as the display is fitted neatly into the overall system.

FoilTronic® LED:
With integrated LEDs and/or seven-segment -display.

FoilTronic® FSA:
Standard status displays with integrated LEDs and 1 optional pushbutton.

FoilTronic® WOVEN LIGHT:
Woven light guides. The disadvantages of the
electroluminescence-foils (EL-foils) are thus eliminated.

FoilTronic® EL:
Integrated electroluminescence-foils.

Combinations of the individual series are available as well, of course!
FoilTronic® input systems are innovative solutions to your advantage.

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