The possibility to control machines by the direct touch with the finger and without any other input medium like keyboard or mouse prevails also in the industry - after the hype with intuitive touch handling of handys. In more and more control boxes, console panels, desks and bracket mounting systems well-arranged and touch-sensitive displays can be located. Thereby each branch constitutes its specific requirements to the application of touch technologies.
In the production of food or pharmaceutical products special severe hygiene rules exist, which apply also for production facilities. In the chemical industry touchscreens must prove to be especially resistant against aggressive substances.


The front foil of our touchscreens is insensitive to standard detergents and disposes of a very good transparency.

The touchscreen solutions of the series HYGtouch® can be termed as a special feature, which commands over a closed decor foil. Therefore no dirt edge can be found and also the ingression of liquids is prevented because the changeover of the touchscreen to the decor foil or mechanic is eliminated. A correct clean surface protection is developed through the all over transparency adhesion. This takes place in a particle free clean room.

HYG Touch

This solution was especially developed for a hygienical ambitious medicine and food technology as well as the pharmaceutical industry, but also for demanding industry applications. Outside of the visual range, unique buttons or complete keyboards can be integrated. Herefor we are also your competent partner, when it is going about the combination of different input technologies.

The advantages are:

  • fully developed technologies
  • manufacturer-independent, all technologies found in the particular market can be integrated
  • versatile technologies (4-, 5-, 6-, 7- and 8-wire-techniques)
  • resistive and capacitive systems available
  • delivery of pre-finished customised complete systems,
    incl. interface electronics and drivers
  • almost any design possible acc. to the customer’s specifications
  • time-tested constructions
  • experience of many years
  • quick availability (express service)
  • permanent further development of innovations

Demand us and make use of our experience of many years in system integration and in the manufacturing of complete systems.

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