Foil keyboards with night design

There are various possibilities for the realisation of illuminated keyboards, which are used in particular for industrial or medical applications. Under the generic term LumiLine©, we develop, manufacture and distribute foil-covered operating, input and display solutions designed individually for your application.
In the following, we would like to present some of them:

1.) LumiLine©-KuHu: “illuminated short stroke keyboards:”

This kind of backlighting has proven its worth in many different application areas for many years and is time-tested. Apart from the range of colours for the surface illumination in green, yellow, red or white, the possibility of a spot-/ status display is given, too. Moreover, it is a great advantage that a surface illumination of the key area is possible as well.

Customised keyboard

Customised keyboard

  • with illuminated short stroke keys
  • blue 7-segment-display
Input system ES46034.0001-a

Input system ES46034.0001-a,
customised version with support plate,
printed circuit board, display snap dome,
front foil ...

2. ) LumiLine©-LED: “surface illumination by means of snap domes”

Here you can see some examples for LumiLine©-LED. This solution has the advantage that it is flat, extremely robust and longlasting, because LED's are used. Despite the snap dome technology, a surface illumination of the keys is possible!

More information you can find here ->

The very good cost-performance ratio speaks for itself.  
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3.) LumiLine©-TP: “the support plate serves as light guide at the same time.”

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