Shielding foils

Electronical devices can cause interferences in their “electromagnetically environment” or can be disturbed by potential differences. Protection against such an influence can be effected on different ways.

For the EMV shielding of membrane keyboards, two processes are possible:

1. A polyester membrane coated with aluminium and copper is laminated below the front foil into the keyboard. The contacting to the enclosure wall or the mounting plate takes place through at least one integrated connecting lug, which is conductively fastened on the mechanic.

Shielding foils
Shielding foils
Shielding foils

This aluminium-based membranes can be delivered as:

  • one-side self-adhesive
  • one-side isolating and other side electronically conductive
  • custom-tailored (outline and breaking throughs)

2. A polyester foil which is either all over or in mesh structure coated in conductive silver technology will be integrated in the keyboard. In this case, the contacting can take place through the membrane cable and the plug connector directly to the printed circuit or to the mechanic.

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