Membrane keyboards

Membrane keyboards made by Wöhr

Functional and clearly arranged:

A flexible membrane keyboard is as versatile as its applications and requires long-time experience in research, engineering and production concerning

  • the selection of an adhesive, which suits the application needs
  • flexible circuits in silver or copper control technology
  • integrated safety chamber
  • decor foils made of mechanically and chemically resistent polyester,
    if desired, delivered with antibacterial features (ABAK®).
  • printed windows or with (glass) panel
  • selective embossed touch zones
  • integrated components
  • and much more

    in order to satisfy our clients.

From engineering to realisation, we are your reliable and on-schedule partner for high-quality, but low cost foil keyboards,
on request also in express service.

Wöhr® offers you complete solutions:

    Membrane keyboards/ front foils/ front panels
                           made in Germany

With adapted enclosure:
A multitude of different enclosures in standard or customized production are available. On request completely machined and assembled.

With mechanic:
Qualified employees and a high technical standard approve us a cost-effective and accurate production of the appendant mechanic, such as mounting plate, protection cover, caps...according to your conditions. Of course they will be delivered with the designated surfaces.

With electronic:
We support our customers in excess of the keyboard, but also with development and production of the connection electronics, which are delivered with customized programming. For adaptation of different keyboard technologies our effective connection electronics is available.

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