Foil keyboard on circuit board (FTLP)

Following we want to draw your attention to the special qualities of a foil keyboard on a circuit board base, with which we can offer an alternative to a foil keyboard on a flex-basis or a foil keyboard on a carrier plate.

Advantages FKCB

  • Additional electrical equipping of the back, thus directly behind the keyboard possible, connection can be made individually by socket or soldering pad.
  • Also possible is an equipping by the customer (inclusive contact pads) and a following mounting of snap domes and applying of the decor foil by Wöhr.
  • Nearly individual design possiblities for the customer.  
  • Due to the mounting of the electronics at the back, another circuit board can be omitted --> reduction of the required space in the component. 
  • Integration of mechanical components (bolts, insert nuts etc) possible.
  • Cost-effective solution combined with a digital printed decor foil feasible.

In close dialogue with our customers we develop and manufacture complete electronic modules with controllers.

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