Replacement keyboards

Keyboard replacements - replacement keyboards
Are you a user of machines or electronic devices?

Have you come across the following problems?

  • the keyboard of a running machine fails and therefore the machine
    can't be used anymore?
  • the manufacturer cannot deliver a keyboard anymore or only at a very high price?
  • The machine, however, cannot or should not be completely replaced? 
  • You would like to change over or to upgrade a machine professionally?
    Or to repare it?
  • You wish to have your own corporate identity on the machine?
  • You wish to update your technical equipment?

Then you should contact us, we offer you:

  • development and manufacturing of input systems
    on the basis of models
  • reproduction of touchscreen solutions are possible
  • often attractive prices in comparison
    with original spare parts
  • realisation of your design visions
  • an offer can be submitted on the basis of a model
  • longtime availability because of high degree
    of in-house production
  • professional analysis and documentation
  • CE-approval, ESD-test... possible
  • support/consulting by our input system experts
  • experience of many years in all technologies
    used for industrial input systems
  • short delivery periods (express service possible),
    therfore less downtime
Substitute keyboards
Substitute keyboards

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