Projects replacement keyboards

Replacement keyboards for control unit

  • complete reproduction to model
  • provisions for the optical, mechanical
    and electrical compatibility
  • Using current SMD-components
  • optional: CE- attrition and ESD-tests

Input keyboard for machine operation including evaluation electronic

Printed circuit board:

  • made of aluminum 525 x 370 x 3 mm/
    20.67 x 14.57 x 0.12 inch
  • incl. all aperature
  • incl. screwed bolt

Foil keyboard:

  • made of polyester, fine-grained
  • 4-color back pressure
  • back side self-adhesive
  • silver control technology incl.
    graphite or carbon printing
  • 51 Stck. gilded snap domes
  • with integrated safety chamber
  • foil cable length 50 mm/ 1.97 inch
  • with crimped plugs RM2,54
  • laminated on support plate
  • 100% electr. tested

 Controller/ evaluation electronics:

  • electrical functionality
  • fitted and fixed on support plate

Front panel for machinery control

Front panel for machinery control
  • available printed board/ mechanic is further used

Produce and laminate front foil

  • made of polyester
  • 7-color back pressure
  • back side self-adhesive
  • display area red translucent

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