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Antibacterial surfaces for front foils and membrane keyboards (ABAK)

In the medical area but also in the food industry, clean room industry and in the pharmaceutical industry high hygienical standards are required.

The so-called nosocomial infection (hospital infections with which a patient comes down only in a causal connection with his stay in hospital) are with 3,5% up to 17% in European studies a considerable risk factor, which can be minimized by the application of antibacterial coatings.

Besides, the surfaces of frequently used membrane keyboards of medical devices constitute always a breeding ground for microbes, bacteria and other microorganisms.
A transfer of them can provoke a considerable damage.

To antagonize this sensitive problem, we can offer you front foils and membrane keyboards according to novel technologies, which are featured with antibacterial membrane surfaces.

Furthermore, our mechanical equipment permits us to deliver you membrane blanks, which are:

  • transparent or printed on the back in optional colours
  • laminary or selective self-adhesive
  • and at the same time antibacterial (ABAK)

Applications can be seen at all places in the hygienical demanding environment, where bacterial transmission is particularly dangerous and where this should be reliably prevented.

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The so-called ABAK- (antibacterial) coating effects in a revolutionary manner the death of bacteria and microbes touching the membrane surface and prevents their reproduction. In no case the coating replaces a cleaning, but it can help the user to comply hygienic regulations by an authenticly and constantly integrated protection against bacterium soiling. The hygienical buttons are tested according to product norm EN60601-1-2:2001 (medicine). A hygiene certification was made.

In this context, we are proud to be the first producer who has developed such keyboards that are marketable and to be the first who delivered them.

The antibacterial ABAK-coating supports you, where you need it –
in the hygienically demanding environment, for example:

  • medicine- and dental area
  • hospital technology
  • food industry
  • working surface
  • public domains ...
Antimicroscopical characteristics of the decor foil
antimicroscopical effectivity tested with:  
Staphyloccus aureus (MRSA) passed
Escherichia coli 0157coli 0157 passed
Listeria monocytogenes passed
Pseudomonas aeruginosa passed
Salmonella enteritidis passed
Bacillus cereus passed
Streptococcus faecalis passed
Klebsiella pneumoniae passed
Aspergillus niger passed
Penicillium purpurogenum passed
Phoma violacea passed
Saccharmyces cerevisiae passed
The durability of the antimicroscopical effect is at least 15 years and was approved through tests according to AATCC test methode 100.
For more information please request our customer information KDI00055 „ABAK-Oberflächen“.

Chemical characteristics of the coating according to DIN 42115

Resistant against:

  • alcohol thinner
  • acid thinner
  • leach              
  • ester
  • hydrocarbon
  • ketone
  • household detergents

We can deliver you also appropriate coatings for the disinfectionale equipment of your enclosures and other surfaces.

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The efficiency of the antibacterial coating was approved by an independent institute. Our general information are effected to the best of knowledge. But the customers are not absolved of testing the suitability for the designated application area.
Technical modifications we reserve us without prior notice. Every liability is disclaimed with respect to application technology advice. 
Protective note according to DIN34.

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