OptiHapt®-soft touch membrane

With its soft touch effect, the novel polyester membrane offers an especially good and comfortable haptics. It completes very well the already large diversity of different membranes, which are used for construction of front foils and membrane keyboards at Wöhr®. The inimitable chemical composition and equipment of the membrane not only distributes a specific silky structure, but makes it also resistant against mechanical ascendancies (flue and pressure, abrasion etc.) as well as against detergents and dissolvers. It is perfect for surface engineering, when an appealing tactile experience is required. The special surface finish eliminates nearly every reflection, for example during adverse incidence of light and is therefore proper for window printing in crystal clear transparent and in all stain varnish. The velvety structure of the OptiHapt®-enclosure comes into it's own by the membrane of equal haptics.


The OptiHapt®- enclosure as well as the used foil provide soft touch effect. The OptiHapt®-version is also offered in the enclosure construction, so that there
is no change in the surface design, if enclosures and keyboards are combined.

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