DEMO-modell FoilTronic®

The following demo model described in more detail, gives you some ideas of the production capabilities of our company realized under the brands FoilTronic® and PrioLine®

1.) FoilTronic®:

A combined control and display unit based on "Keypad" has been realized and has the following properties:

  • extremely flat, compact design
    (total height: under 3 mm/ 0.12 inch !!!)
  • integrated dust protection solution for display
  • integrated cable connections to the transmitter of each function, in this way reduction of connectors
  • free design of the layout and of the decorative film
  • tactile surface, embossed shaft and writings
  • integration of the following components for operation and display

Control electronics:
For demonstration, an electronic system was required, which shows the various functions and can be used by the integrated keypad.

The menu navigation and text selection, as well as activation of the counting function of the 7-segment display occurs by a microcontroller circuit. Moreover, an inverter to control the EL films was integrated. Mounting studs on the bottom plate, battery power (mobile application).

2.) PRIOline®:

The casing has been designed as a "PRIOline® console form I".
It shows the various possibilities of this system, when it comes to
manufacturing customized housings:

  • individual dimensions, adapted to existing keyboard
  • round edge protection for membrane keyboard without additional mechanical rework or levels cutter
  • multi-colored design (profiles and panels in contrasting colors)
  • chemical resistant, robust multi-layer coating
  • transparent side walls --> clear view of the inner workings
  • low probability to be scratched, because the plexiglass is hard-coated
  • adapted to PCB mounting options in the bottom part
  • integrations by a battery casing, which is always accessible from the outside
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