FoilTronic® FSA

The status displays of the series FSA manufactured in FOILtronic® technology are all-purpose innovative indicators that have been developed with the aim to simplify and replace conventional solutions.

WÖHR® is the first and only manufacturer, who offers such display elements in an universal conception as standard (!) parts.

The advantages over conventional solutions are
stated in the specifications of our developers:

  • general simplification
  • flexible individual labelling is easily possible by the customer
  • easy installation
  • vertical or horizontal mounting possible at any time
  • minimal space requirements, about 1 mm thick
  • low priced production, excellent price-performance ratio
  • high protection requirement can be realized
  • easy to clean, chemically resistant front foil
  • versatile designs ex stock / standard available
  • modular system for customized solutions
  • integrated cable
  • LED terminals individually controllable
  • optionally supplied with 19" mechanics
  • Industrial property rights,
    e.g. Utility Model DE 207 17 462.6 and 201 18 189.4

Application areas:

  • industrial-computer/ IPC
  • 19“-assembly group support
  • medical devices
  • general equipment and machinery

Models under following specifications are available by default, i.e. without any charge for initial costs:

  • basic measurements: 38 x 21 mm/ 1.5 x 0.83 inch 
  • 2-color back-printed (RAL 9005 black border color,
    background color RAL 7035 light gray)
  • with either (!) 1-6 pcs. integrated SMD LEDs
    red, yellow and / or green, or 20mA 2mA low-current
  • foil cable length 200 mm/ 7.87 inch
  • contact by crimped cable end connector to slide P2, 54
    (header to be brazed on is supplied loose)
  • back side is self-adhesive 
    • additionally, the following customized OPTIONS
      are possible (surcharge):
    • cable film self-adhesive at the back, possibly selectively
    • longer foil cable, on adapter
    • additional LED colors white or blue
    • additional integration of keys, e.g. for RESET

      almost every customized version is possible!
General view FSA equipped with 1-6 LEDs
No.: FSA RYGGGGS with custom strips
Connectivity Pitch 2.54 mm/ 0.1inch Female/ Male, RM others on request

Order number system for the modular status indicators:

Paragraphs 1.2 3: naming / identification of the item group FSA: flexible status

Paragraphs 4, 5,6,7,8,9: naming the LED from top to
bottom or from left to right, depending on the installation position

  • G= green
  • R= red
  • Y=yellow
  • N=unlined

e.g.  RRGGGG  (6-digit display)
or RRGNGN  (4-LED slots are occupied)

10: is the LED-Type

  • S= Standard-LED        20mA
  • L=Low-Current-LED    2mA

Version with key:

e.g. Item no. FSARGGS-1Taste

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