Capacitive single push button

The capacitive single button CAPWS01 can be considered as an alternative or
Replacement for a mechanical switch. It works on the capacitive principle of action and can be mounted behind glass and other materials with a thickness of up to 6mm/ 0.23 inch. After a feasibility check the mounting of the button is also possible behind stronger fronts.

It is ideal for use in hygienically demanding environments in hazardous areas
or vandal-prone environment.

The CAPWS01 has optional a blue LED that indicates the switching status.
It can be run as buttons, switches or proximity sensor and is therefore suitable
for versatile applications.

Technical data:

Supply voltage:

5V-24V DC, max. 50mA


1 Switch, NO, galvanically isolated


23mm x 25 mm / 0.90 x 0.98 inch


front self-adhesive


0 °C to +60° C

Temperature range:

-10° C to 75°C

Glass thickness:

< 6mm/0.23 inch (mineral-glass)
<4mm/0.15 inch (acrylic-glass)

Article numbers:

Here you can find an overview.


Possible applications:

  • as a replacement for mechanical pushbuttons / switches
  • in hygienically demanding environments
    (for example, medicine, food industry, ...)
  • in vandal-prone areas


  • Operation is possible by light touch without pressure
    for example with glass
  • no moving parts, no mechanical wear
  • closed front, easy to clean
  • resistant to chemicals, pollution, vandalism

The CAPWS01 is provided on the front self-adhesive and can thus quickly
and just behind each electrically non-conductive surface (for example glass,
acrylic glass, wood, plastic,…) to be glued and is immediately ready for operation after connecting. The surface should be free of grease before sticking for low- energy surfaces requires special adhesives must be used.

Possible combinations:

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