Standard foil keyboards FTWS-MA

Our series FTWS-MA („MA“ stands for „matrix-wiring“)
is available in various designs, e.g.

  • in various sizes
  • standard keyboard
  • made of polyester
  • with different numbers of keys
  • with/without strip
    (here you can download a template word file here ->)
  • with various connector variants 
  • with/without foil

For more information about the different versions, please click on the respective keyboard name in the table below.

With decor foil Without decor foil Drawing Size Matrix
FTWS-MA04/ES FTWS-MA04/oF PDF 22 x 90 mm/
0.87x3.54 inch
FTWS-MA08/ES FTWS-MA08/oF PDF 38 x 90 mm/
1.5x3.54 inch
FTWS-MA12/ES FTWS-MA12/oF PDF 57 x 90 mm/
2.24x3.54 inch
FTWS-MA16/ES FTWS-MA16/oF PDF 76 x 90 mm/
2.99x3.54 inch
FTWS-MA20/ES FTWS-MA20/oF PDF 95 x 90 mm/
3.74x3.54 inch
FTWS-MA24/ES FTWS-MA24/oF PDF 114x90mm/
4.49x3.54 inch
Our series FTWS-MA
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